Taking Pictures of Damaged Patio Furniture

When calling about damaged outdoor patio furniture, frequently your word is enough. A new replacement part or item will be shipped, and the damaged goods will get thrown in your trash. In our experience as a patio furniture retailer, that was the case the majority of the time. Sometimes though it is not that simple.

Patio Furniture Shipping Claims

In the event that the damage was caused during shipping of your patio furniture , an insurance claim may be filed by the patio furniture retailer or manufacturer. This helps them pay for the shipping of your replacement(s). If the claims process requires a proof of damage, you may be asked to send some pictures.

Protection Against False Claims of Patio Furniture Damage

Some patio furniture companies have been burned by false damage claims, and so they feel the need to protect themselves. Some companies are stricter than others, but don’t take it personally. We’ve seen customers upset that their patio furniture broke, and then irate that we would not take their word for it. I recommend placing your anger on those who deserve it… the faceless consumers whose dishonesty ruins it for us all.

Taking the Pictures of your Damaged Patio Furniture

It is important to take clear pictures of your damaged patio furniture in bright light, and from several angles and distances. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of damaged patio furniture, and it can be difficult to see the damage sometimes, even when you are looking right at it as you take the picture. Sending a well-lit close-up and a well-lit distance shot shot will really help to customer service to understand the nature and cause of the damage your outdoor patio furniture has suffered.

Being a Proactive Patio Furniture Customer

Even if you are not asked for a picture of your damaged patio furniture, I recommend sending some anyway. The reasons are several. First of all, a good clear picture says more to a patio furniture retailer than a thousand curse words. If your purchase is from a good company, just seeing the picture will make them feel bad, and they’ll do whatever they can to keep you happy.

The other reason for being proactive is because seeing the patio furniture’s damage will often point out an area where the company can improve itself, be it packaging or design. Granted, some patio furniture companies might not do much with the pictures, but we did, our suppliers improved themselves because of it, and customers benefited.

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