How to Care for Your Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture requires no preservatives or treatment of any kind to shield it from the elements. If left outside without oil, the natural teak will gradually turn a light silver gray color over time. You will begin to notice the “graying” after about 3 months or so, depending upon the amount of sun and rain the patio furniture is subject to. The “graying” is only on the surface layer and can be removed with a poly-bristle scrub brush and soapy water. However, to maintain the rich honey color of your teak patio furniture, simply apply a little teak oil 2 or 3 times per year to maintain or restore its natural luster.

Oiling your teak patio furniture will help it maintain the rich honey tones of the teak wood and keeps the patio furniture from weathering to a soft gray color. If you wish to oil, you should use the following as a guide:

1. Your patio furniture MUST BE completely dry, otherwise moisture trapped within the teak wood may cause black mildew spots to appear after oiling. Allow up to 48 hours for your teak patio furniture to fully dry out after a rain.

2. Ensure the surface of your teak patio furniture is clean and free from dust.

3. If your teak patio furniture has begun to weather, it must be cleaned. Scrub your teak with a stiff poly-bristle brush and soapy water. Rinse as you go with a garden hose and allow the patio furniture to fully dry. Then oil.

4. Use true teak oil – do NOT use “finish”. True teak oil is available from a store which would stock marine supplies (teak oil is used extensively on boats). Some people have asked about using tung oil. That’s okay, too.

5. Apply the teak oil according to its instructions. Generally, you should apply a light coating of oil to your patio furniture with a clean, lint free rag or paint brush. One coat is sufficient.

6. Teak oil traps dirt and so darkens with age. Therefore, it will be necessary to scrub off the old oil and recoat your patio furniture periodically. One or two times a year is generally sufficient. Again, simply follow the instructions on the teak oil label.

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