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Who is Highroller

A high roller or high roller is a VIP player, a professional who makes high stakes and enjoys the casino’s special advantages. This category includes privileged visitors to a gambling house or online casino who prefer bets from € 20 to € 5000. They receive premium services that are not available to the rest of the audience.

More often, high roller translates as a major player or professional player. The term came from poker, the so-called participants who played at high stakes. In the 2000s, he firmly entered the terminology of casinos and online casinos in general.

The exact limits of high limits do not exist. Different gambling houses have their own limitations, which may concern both the size of one-time bets and the volume of bets during one gaming session or a selected period.

How to become a high roller in an online casino?
A high roller in a regular casino is a player who has made bets on several tens of thousands of euros. But the high roller online casino is even a newcomer who has started to bet higher than € 20. Although on some sites even players with bets from € 5 fall into the high roller category.

Since the administration of the online casino always monitors everything that happens on the site, they themselves pay attention to those who switch to high stakes. That is, to become a player of the high roller class, you do not need to do anything special: just play the way you like with the high level of bets that seems most comfortable.

Support specialists themselves contact such players to offer the most comfortable game conditions.

Benefits and VIP service for high scooters
If you are a high scooter, then automatically switch to VIP service. At the same time, the online casino independently assigns status and determines the ways of rewards. It all depends on company policy, as well as on the priorities of the player.

Each high roller in an online casino is a valuable guest, so usually a personal manager is assigned to it. This manager studies the interests of the player and, in accordance with them, selects the types of bonuses and events that will be attractive to high rollers.

The most common types of rewards:

deposit bonuses;
good cashback;
reduced withdrawal limit (flesh until restrictions are removed in general);
accelerated withdrawal of funds;
individual loyalty program;
exclusive games and tournaments;
increased odds in the draws;
individual living tables;
since the high roller is on VIP service, it receives a special status in the loyalty program, congratulations on major wins, happy birthday and holidays.

All this makes the game even more attractive. High rollers in online casinos really appreciate the special conditions and personal privileges that make them feel surrounded by care and attention.

High Roller Casino
To find an online casino for high rollers, it’s simple enough to choose a licensed site with a good reputation. Such sites have offers for all categories of players. Most games have the ability to make bets of tens and thousands of euros.

If you do not want to wait until you are offered special incentives and statuses, you can always contact support. This option is convenient in that before making the first deposit you can find out about the existing bonuses and the loyalty program.

Even if you just start betting from € 20, the personal manager will contact you and offer interesting options for the game. By the way, this specialist can request a list of games with the highest limits.

With the competent organization of the process in the casino, high roller gets exactly what he is interested in, so it remains on the same resource. The most loyal sites adjust the loyalty policy for each high scooter, adjusting it over time even to the changing interests of the player. Such an approach, with proper interaction, is interesting for both parties: the casino receives a regular visitor, and the high roller gets the best opportunities for playing on its own terms.

High Roller Games
Almost all developers of slot machines, table games for online casinos and games with a live dealer provide for the possibility of high stakes.

High roller slots are not allocated to a separate category. But immediately after the launch, without making a single spin, you can see the size of the maximum bet. In modern games, the maximum rarely drops below € 50. Increasingly, games for high rollers with a bet on the spin of € 200-500 have begun to appear.

Roulette or card games for high stakes is even easier to choose. High Roller-oriented versions are usually marked VIP.

But most of all, live dealer games are most suitable for betting. At the entrance to the lobby of live games, choosing roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat, you can see every available table. And for them limits are indicated, which can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros per con.

Some live studios for VIP clients of online casinos even provide personal tables.